Become a materials handler
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Become a materials handler

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Ridge Napa Auto Parts

Manufacturing and logistics go hand in hand. But how do the things we buy go from the production line to the shelf? Bendable recently dug into this very question with the human resource manager for Ridge Napa Auto Parts, April Pontius.

April helped us to understand one of the most important entry-level positions in the area: materials handler. You can find these positions in warehouses and production plants all across South Bend. Below are April's suggestions for acquiring some of the critical skills needed for this important role.

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About this career:
Materials Handler
Annual Salary
  • Low:$23,352
  • Median:$24,623
  • High:$26,772
Companies hiring
the most in the
field include
  • Ridge Napa Auto Parts
  • Lippert Components
  • Amazon
Projected growth over the next 10 years
Percent of job
postings requiring
a specific degree
  • High school:100%
  • Associate’s:1%
  • Bachelor’s:0%
  • Advanced:0%
Source: Emsi Burning Glass.
Data is updated quarterly for the South Bend-Mishawaka Metropolitan Statistical Area.