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Become a software developer

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You may have heard of all the cool things that “coders” get to do—stuff like program video games, build slick phone apps and design cool websites. Bendable would never have been possible without the hard work of a whole team of developers!

Shabbir Qutbuddin, director of the IT Sector Partnership, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating tech talent in the South Bend-Elkhart region, recently huddled with the team at Bendable to map out how someone might start down the path to become a software developer. The resources below were specifically chosen to give you a great foundation in coding. Once you’ve completed the collection, feel free to check out the “Diving Deeper” section to add a couple more programming languages to your arsenal.

As you successfully complete each course, you’ll earn a digital badge to mark your progress. You’ll then receive a Bendable Software Developer badge when you’ve finished all of the required learning experiences.

About this career:
Software Developer
Annual Salary
  • Low:$59,688
  • Median:$82,108
  • High:$100,552
Companies hiring
the most in the
field include
  • Press Ganey
  • Trek10
  • IBM
Projected growth over the next 10 years
Percent of job
postings requiring
a specific degree
  • High school:3%
  • Associate’s:2%
  • Bachelor’s:94%
  • Advanced:1%
Source: Lightcast.
Data is updated quarterly.