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Olivia Critchlow

How to become a better leader

Program director at Leadership SBM

February 2021

My path to leadership has been a process of self-discovery. I grew up in Knox, Indiana, living with my father and grandmother in poverty. I was able to get my degree in psychology through a scholar’s program and worked for seven years at Saint Mary’s College before taking a step back when my son was born. I knew I’d always wanted to help others, and so I took a part-time position at Leadership SBM, a nonprofit organization that develops civic leaders across the South Bend-Mishawaka area, and soon became executive director. After two years, I took a leap of faith and switched to a position that better suits my passions—one that allows me to work more closely with people who want to make our community better. For me, leadership is not about power or the size of your paycheck. It is about being your true self and taking action. I’ve selected these resources because they apply to anyone. They appear in the order that I used them in my own life. I hope they help empower you to be vulnerable, brave and authentic—and embrace the leader within.