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Laquisha Jackson

How to start a small business in the food industry

Owner of Soulful Kitchen and founder of Hope for the Hungry

April 2021

After working in the hospitality industry for 19 years and graduating from Ivy Tech with my associate’s degree in hospitality administration, I decided to switch gears and pursue a career in the food industry. I wound up starting two ventures—one for-profit and one nonprofit—that, together, allow me to pursue both of my passions. Cooking is definitely my calling, and my catering business, Soulful Kitchen, fulfills that. But it’s also important to me that I serve our community. And so I founded Hope for the Hungry, which provides education on safe food handling as well as food giveaways and pop-up pantries around South Bend for those in need. I hope these resources, which I’ve relied on, can help guide you as you take the first steps to start your own food-related enterprise.