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Velshonna Luckey

How to care for yourself in order to care for others

Director of outreach and partnership development at United Way of St. Joseph County

June 2021

Learning to care for myself was a difficult process, especially as a naturally altruistic person. But when I did learn, I came to care for others with more grace and love. Creating self-healing communities is not possible when workers, social service agents and kindhearted people are burned out or too sick to remain present in their care for others. Self-care is a critical component to navigating the high doses of stress and concern that often accompany a life in service to your community. I had to learn that my desire to be a force for good in this world required the ability to commit to self-awareness, self-regulation and a host of other self-care truths. These resources will show you why self-care is important, and what tools I’ve used to care for myself over the years.