How to start your houseplant collection
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Sarah Richards

How to start your houseplant collection

Indoor plant enthusiast

September 2020

I’ve only recently started owning and caring for houseplants. I was initially inspired when one of my friends began working at a garden shop. I enjoyed seeing the kinds of plants she brought home. I was really fascinated with her monstera, and how she was always taking little cuttings and starting new plants with them. As the plant’s leaves unfurled, giant holes and patterns were revealed. They were beautiful. So I got a monstera, and then a philodendron, and now I have close to 50 plants in my home—different types of pothos, a few calatheas, an aloe vera plant, a rubber tree and a bunch more. With some key resources, I’ve learned a lot about how to care for indoor plants in a short time. You can, too.